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Bed & Biscuit

Do you have a plan in place for who will care for your pet if and when you have to go out of town? Why not let Hillview Bed & Biscuit become your pet’s home away from home? Our state-of-the-art boarding facilities are designed to serve your animal companion with all of the creature comforts he or she deserves to feel safe and happy in your absence. Whether you’re heading out for a few hours or for an extended period of time, we’re ready to serve all of your pet’s needs while you’re away.

The boarding facilities at Hillview Bed & Biscuit feature air conditioning and heat for optimum comfort and climate control, as well as a complete ventilation system that keeps fresh air circulating at precisely the right temperature. Canine guests can enjoy ample opportunity to exercise on our indoor runs, where they are protected from the weather. Feline guests can enjoy a safe, quiet stay in our Cat Condo. All guests receive an ample supply of attention and affection to help them feel at home and make their time away from you as stress-free and fun as possible.

Pets with medical conditions, such as diabetes, receive customized boarding services to ensure that they receive all of the special care and attention they need. Our caring staff of trained veterinary professionals has experience in administering medications, including insulin injections, as well as preparing special diets. What’s more, one of our veterinarians is always available, which is particularly reassuring for owners whose pets require medical monitoring. Note: special needs boarding requires specific arrangements ahead of time.

Why Choose Hillview Bed & Biscuit?

As a pet owner, you have plenty of options when it comes to boarding for your pet. Here are just a few of the many reasons choosing Hillview Bed & Biscuit is the best decision for you and your animal companion:

  • Veterinary supervised care
  • Full grooming services
  • Separate Cat Condo for our feline guests
  • Dog runs constructed to maintain optimal cleanliness
  • Indoor exercise area for dogs
  • Senior pet care
  • Convenient drop-off and pick-up hours
  • Dog and cat day care

Camp Hillview

Do you want your dog or cat to be an especially “happy camper” while you’re away? Camp Hillview is a special program designed to provide guests with special one-on-one attention from our staff of caring, experienced veterinary professionals. Canine campers can play in our indoor play room, which is filled with plenty of toys and lots of room to run, jump and explore. If you’d like, we can also bring your dog for walks outdoors.

We also offer extra TLC and special attention to our feline campers. Our staff will spend time interacting, playing with or just petting your kitty – whatever makes him or her most happy!

Please note – camp rules require that only well-behaved dogs can attend Camp Hillview

Dog & Cat Day Spa

While your pet is a guest at Hillview Bed & Biscuit, you can arrange for special pampering at our Day Spa. Choose from a list of spa and grooming services, including nail trimming, shampoo, and blow dry, as well as special therapeutic treatments such as flea and tick preventatives, medicated shampoo and coat conditioning.

Our professional groomer has experience with all breeds of dogs and cats, so rest assured that your pet will be in excellent hands. Our clean, modern grooming facilities are equipped with the HydroSurge® Animal Bathing System, a unique system that produces a vigorous flow of shampoo and warm water through a hand-held massage sprayer to deep clean coat and skin while treating your pet to a relaxing and therapeutic massage. The whirlpool-like action of the sprayer removes loose fur, dry skin flakes, fleas and debris along with all shampoo residue. HydroSurge® also helps to alleviate the discomforts of dry, flaking, itchy skin. We also use a high-powered blower to quick dry your pet’s coat without using excessive heat.

Whatever your grooming or spa treatment needs, we’ll have your pet looking, smelling and feeling their absolute best!

Cat Condo

At Hillview Bed & Biscuit, we want our feline guests to feel right at home when they stay with us. Our spacious, multi-level Cat Condo provides ample room for your cat to play with toys, roam around and explore, or just curl up and take a nice, comfortable cat nap. To ensure that all of the kitties staying with us enjoy a calm and stress-free experience, we employ the use of a Feliway Electric Diffuser. This cutting-edge device mimics feline facial pheromones, which makes even new or changed environments feel normal and natural so your cat can maintain its sense of well-being and calm.

Please note: all guests at Hillview Bed & Biscuit must be current with the following vaccinations.


  • Bordatella
  • Corona
  • Rabies


  • FELV
  • Feline
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies

If your pet is not one of our veterinary patients, please bring proof of up-to-date vaccinations. If necessary, vaccinations can be given upon arrival for boarding.

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