Beach Safety Tips for Cats and Dogs

Many pet owners enjoy bringing their dogs or cats along on the family beach trip—it can prove to be a lot of fun for the whole family! There are several beach hazards to be aware of, though—use these tips from a Reynoldsburg veterinarian to make sure your four-legged friend stays out of harm’s way.

Hydrate with Fresh Water

Although there’s an entire ocean of water in front of your pet, he shouldn’t be drinking it. The salt in ocean water will irritate your pet’s stomach and make him thirstier. If he drinks too much, vomiting could even result. Be sure to bring along a bottle or thermos of fresh water just for your pet, and give him regular sips during your beach stay.

Supervise Pet Constantly

It’s important not to let your pet out of your sight while on the beach. Not only could he get into various hazards along the shore or among the dunes, many beachgoers simply don’t want to be bothered by a wayward pet! Keep a close eye on your furry companion, and keep them on a leash if necessary.

Protect Against Sun

While you’re lathering up with sunscreen, don’t forget that the sun’s harmful rays can burn your pet’s skin, too! Don’t use human sunscreen on them, though—it’s too strong for a pet’s skin. Purchase a dog- or cat-specific sunscreen from a local pet store, and ask your vet for directions on proper use.

Careful in the Water

Is your pet going to venture into the ocean water? Go in with them. Even pets that are good swimmers aren’t always familiar with the ocean. Never let a pet go too far out, either—it’s much safer to stay in the shallows.

Rinse Out the Fur

Once your beach day is over and you’ve packed up, don’t forget to rinse off your pet with fresh water. Sand particles and salt from the ocean will gather in a pet’s coat and irritate the skin if left there. Dry your pet with a large, soft towel.

Check with your Reynoldsburg vet for more great beach tips. Your next family beach day should be fun and safe for everyone you bring along!

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