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    • When Your Senior Cat Should See the Vet

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      Your beautiful white indoor cat, Snowball, has been an active part of your family for years. She’s always loved batting at cat toys, playing in cardboard boxes, and chasing imaginary mice up and down the hall. Lately, though, you’ve noticed that 12-year-old Snowball is not quite herself these days. She’s … Read More »

    • Dogs and Chocolate: A Deadly Combination

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      Your love of chocolate has turned you into a real chocolate aficionado. You make a sinfully good chocolate dessert every chance you get, and you keep a bowl of chocolate bites on the table at home. You know your dog Beau loves chocolate, too, because he once grabbed two pieces … Read More »

    • Feline Flea Control and Prevention

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      One of your life’s great pleasures is curling up on the couch with your happily purring cat Cinnamon. Watching television, reading a book, or simply snuggling inside on a cold winter day…there’s just nothing like it. Lately, though, you’ve noticed that you tend to scratch a bit after your Cinnamon … Read More »

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