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    Holidays With Pocket Pets

    Do you have a hamster, Guinea pig, bunny, or another small pet? These little furballs make adorable pets! As the holidays approach, don’t forget to include your pint-sized pal in seasonal celebrations. Below, a Pickerington, OH vet discusses holidays with pocket pets.

    Cage Decoration

    There’s no reason you can’t make your little buddy’s cage look nice and festive for the holidays. Wood or paper shapes can make great chew toys, so buy or make some holiday-themed ones. You can also decorate your furry pal’s cage. Just be sure to keep decorative items on the outside of the cage, well out of your pet’s reach.


    A new, roomy cage makes a great holiday gift for a cute furball! You can also get your furry friend toys, accessories, or a new hidey-hole. When choosing toys, avoid anything with small parts, dangling threads, or sharp edges, as these things can potentially endanger your pet. Ask your vet for more information.


    If there’s one thing all our animal companions have in common, it’s a love of treats. Just be sure to only offer your little buddy safe, suitable foods. Some things that are bad for our four-legged friends include garlic and onions; chocolate; caffeine; raw dough; junk food; and products that contain xylitol. That said, our animal companions all have their own specific nutritional requirements, so ask your vet for specific recommendations.


    Little animals can take some absolutely adorable holiday photos! Consider getting your Guinea pig a tiny Santa hat, or putting your gerbil on a decorative sleigh. You can also put your pint-sized pal in front of a small Christmas tree for a super cute shot. Just be sure to supervise your pet very carefully during these photo sessions: you don’t want your furry buddy eating the props!


    Pocket pets can get very nervous when there is a lot of noise and commotion around them. If you are hosting holiday events, you may want to move your pet to a quiet back room until your visitors have left.

    Veterinary Care

    Good health is crucial to your tiny furball’s happiness. If your little buddy hasn’t seen the vet for a while, it may be time for an exam. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

    Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us anytime. As your Pickerington, OH animal hospital, we are here to help!

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