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    Tips for Grooming Your Cat

    Cats are very dedicated to keeping up with their beauty rituals. Fluffy will take time each day to groom herself, making sure her coat stays nice and clean. However, our feline friends can still use a bit of help with all that fur. Below, a local Pickerington, OH veterinarian offers advice on grooming cats.

    Start Young

    If you have a kitten, you have the upper paw. Get little Fluffy used to being groomed while she’s still little. This is much easier than trying to brush an adult cat that has never been groomed!

    Getting Fluffy Used To It

    Start by gently stroking your kitty, using the back of the brush. This will get Fluffy used to having a foreign object touch her fur. Be very gentle, so she stays relaxed.

    Make It Fun

    Incorporate lots of cuddles, so your furry little diva knows she’s being pampered. It can also help to talk to Fluffy in a soothing tone, and offer her lots of compliments. Kitties love compliments!

    Fluffy Decides When To Stop

    Your cat will let you know when she’s had enough. Don’t argue with your feline overlord: if you force her to submit, you’ll really be in for a battle the next time you try to brush her!

    Short Sessions

    Five or ten minute sessions are plenty for most cats. If Fluffy will only tolerate being groomed for a short time, break her beauty treatments into smaller sessions. Even if you only get one part of your furry buddy each time, you’ll still be making progress.


    While you are brushing Fluffy, watch for live fleas and/or flea dirt, which looks like pepper flakes. If you see either, contact your vet for recommendations on parasite control.


    After Fluffy has been groomed, treat her with a new toy or a special snack. This will help her form a positive association with being brushed.

    Time It Right

    Pick a time when your kitty is relaxed. (Given that our feline friends spend the vast majority of their time sleeping, this shouldn’t be too difficult.) If your furball is very playful, tire her out with a fun play session before dinner, and then groom her after she’s eaten, so she’ll be both tired and sleepy.

    Please contact us for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. As your Pickerington, OH animal clinic, we are here to help.

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