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    Feline Flea Control and Prevention

    One of your life’s great pleasures is curling up on the couch with your happily purring cat Cinnamon. Watching television, reading a book, or simply snuggling inside on a cold winter day…there’s just nothing like it. Lately, though, you’ve noticed that you tend to scratch a bit after your Cinnamon time. You shower every morning, and Cinnamon is a fastidious cat who cleans himself constantly. So why can’t you stop scratching? Believe it or not, Cinnamon might have given you a nasty case of fleas. Your Reynoldsburg veterinarian can give you the verdict after giving Cinnamon a thorough exam.

    Fleas’ athletic prowess – Fleas are amazingly talented little pests, which is probably why they’re often featured in fictional flea circuses. They can jump several feet at a time, leaping from pet to pet, onto your furniture, and through your house.

    Fleas’ damaging effects – Unfortunately, fleas survive by feeding off your cat’s blood. Flea bites can also cause severe skin allergies, irritation, and possibly raw skin spots for poor Cinnamon who’s scratching himself silly. If Cinnamon gets enough flea bites, he can even contract anemia from blood loss.

    Flea eradication plan – Your Reynoldsburg veterinarian is your most valuable ally in your war against the fleas. He can recommend a safe, easy-to-use monthly flea treatment for Cinnamon and your other household cats. Apply this treatment throughout the year, even if it’s cold outside. Remember, fleas can lurk in your house, waiting to pounce on poor untreated Cinnamon if you’ve stopped his flea treatments for the winter months.

    House and yard treatment – You probably won’t win the battle of the fleas by treating Cinnamon while ignoring your house and yard. Look for specially developed sprays that can treat your home’s interior, and others that treat nearby outdoor areas. Remember that some products can harm Cinnamon and your other pets if you don’t apply them correctly. Always read directions and don’t take treatment shortcuts.

    Finally, minimize the ways in which fleas can get a free ride into your home. Don’t bring in used blankets, beds, or other pet furnishings that can harbor huge flea populations. Keep Cinnamon away from pets who might not receive regular flea treatments, especially cats and dogs who spend most of their time outside. After all, doing everything possible to discourage the fleas might lead to lots more couch time with Cinnamon.

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